Ademodupe Consult recruit human capital for SMES and educational institutions, we provide HR consultancies for SMES who are unable to have a HR unit, counsel and guide students who desire to study abroad, from application of offer of admission to visa application.


Ademdupe Consult offers broad range of educational services to assist students and professional organizations on educational projects. We train and develop individual students, professionals, organizations and the Government institutions from the conceptual stage of educational projects through implementation stage. Read More


Ademodupe Consult is specialized in human resource management with local presence in Nigeria, Our experience in human resource management has allowed us to understand the needs of our customers and thus having a broad solutions which result into integral service for our clients. Read More

About the Company

Ademdupe Consult recognizes the moral and legal responsibility for securing students visa and work permit. It is our responsibility is to ensure a secured, legitimate and efficient process and procedures in service delivery